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We work for you.

At The Gardner Group, you are the most important person in our office, whether you visit in person or contact us by email or phone. The Gardner Group Promise clearly identifies the level of proactive service and relationship you will experience at The Gardner Group.

The Gardner Group’s clients are the purpose of everything we do. Our philosophy is that we depend on you, rather than you depending on us. We appreciate you giving us an opportunity to earn your business. If you are displeased with any aspect of our service, The Gardner Group welcomes the courtesy of timely notification so that we may address the issue.

Quality of Service

You are entitled to a high level of proactive, personalized service from all associates at The Gardner Group. You have the right to work with a trustworthy, dependable, independent wealth advisor focused on your journey to true wealth. Your Wealth Advisor will develop a personal relationship with you through insightful communication highlighting our core beliefs, investment outlook and management philosophy. Your Wealth Advisor will present portfolio reviews annually or as often as necessary and be available to answer the questions that matter to you as they arise.


The Gardner Group will hold in the strictest confidence, and consider as privileged, all business and personal information pertaining to our clients’ affairs. You have the right to the strictest levels of confidentiality with information provided to The Gardner Group. We will protect all information to the highest standards outlined by the SEC, FINRA, and state and regulatory agencies. In order to provide our clients with an optimal level of service, The Gardner Group expects clients to be continually forthcoming with all relevant financial information.


You have the right to a transparent relationship and to clearly know the costs for advisory services, financial planning, fees and transactions. All communications with your team at The Gardner Group will strive to be clear and concise. If you have a question, it is our duty to provide a transparent answer.


You have the right to be communicated to in a timely manner. As your Trusted Advisor, our goal is to provide you with information before the question arises, regardless of the medium used.

Should a question arise, you have the right to a prompt response from The Gardner Group team. As your trusted advisor, our team commits to returning calls by the end of each business day. Should you require additional research, our team will set a clearly defined time frame for redress.


You have the right to a capable and informed team along your journey to true wealth. Through education, our CFPs and CEs will project reasonable expectations and achievable scenarios as they develop and monitor your financial plan. We are also committed to our clients continued education through personal advisement, newsletters with relevant insights and by providing a community for clients to join for personalized information on their plan and financial planning in general.


You have the right to receive best execution in all that we do. Portfolio transactions will be executed in a timely manner, at the best available price and with prompt third-party confirmation. All interactions with The Gardner Group operations team will be timely, precise and promptly completed.


You have the right to accurate third-party reporting of all managed accounts. Your statements will identify all account positions held, cash receipts and disbursements made through The Gardner Group.

The above are our formal standards that are communicated to everyone at The Gardner Group.

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